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About SVAD

Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design welcomes new forms of visual experience and offers a multidisciplinary approach as a way to explore the connection between art and different branches of knowledge. We believe that art and design education makes great demands on all who engage in it - the students and Faculty.

SVAD encourages experimentation and aims to ensure that each student is visually articulate and equipped with the ability to consolidate ideas and concepts. Providing our students with the opportunity to achieve their creative potential is a primary objective.

Crucial to the success of a Program like ours, is the faculty. The faculty at SVAD is drawn from diverse backgrounds. These are well known practicing professionals in their respective fields and it is their hands-on knowledge of contemporary practice that guides the experience of students, who, from the outset have a choice of intersecting through disciplines, blurring and questioning existing lines and engaging in a close dialogue between the local and the global.

Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design draws its well-qualified faculty from all parts of the world; from the Great Britain, Scotland, Germany, as well as from within Pakistan. Among these are internationally renowned professionals and art educators. The Faculty regularly participates in local and international exhibitions, undertakes design and community projects and participates in seminars, conferences and workshops.

SVAD’s degrees are accredited by HEC and its students have qualified for Fulbright Scholarships, international residencies, projects and exhibitions. Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design is proud to welcome art and design students from all the SAARC countries. They are supported by South Asia Foundation and the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asian Arts [UMISAA]. Sharing the teaching and learning experience with people from other parts of the world helps build enduring relationships. SVAD believes in taking the lead in celebrating diversity through creative inquiry.