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BBA (Hons.) in Banking and Finance / Information Technology (IT)

Program Overview

Areas: Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, Banking, Finance, Information Technology

Duration: 4 years, 8 semesters

Credits: 132

Career Prospects: This program is suitable for the candidates who wish to pursue their careers in the financial and non-financial corporate entities. The likely employers of our graduates may include:

  • Banking Sector (Private and Public Commercial Banks, Islamic Banks, Microfinance banks, Investment Banks and other specialized banks)
  • Regulatory Bodies e.g. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan
  • Stock Brokers
  • Insurance and Takaful Companies
  • Mudarba Companies
  • Mutual Fund Industry
  • Foreign Exchange Companies
  • Leasing Companies
  • Development Financial Institutions
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  • Research Organizations
  • Non-Financial Local and Multinational Companies


  • Why to choose BBA program at BNU?

  • Dean’s Message

    BNU’s Business Education (BBA) is meant to blend the liberal arts education, the hall mark of this institution, with the functional aspects of the modern business and commerce. Business in a world of intermingled cultures and virtual markets is highly connected. A narrow focus on only functional or knowledge aspects may not serve the broad purpose of professional competencies required by 21st century graduates. I am sure that our students will set themselves apart from others through the values which appeal to their hearts and the rationality and practical skills which fill their minds.

  • Program Description

    BNU aims at equipping our graduates to pursue their careers in the financial and non-financial corporate entities and associated regulating bodies. We are committed to provide high quality functional education and develop ICT, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills essential for working in corporate environment and assuming their leadership and managerial roles. Our BBA program offers a unique blend of courses covering broad key areas of economics, banking, finance, management, marketing, information technology, business ethics, business laws and regulations, quantitative techniques and business communication. Our dedicated faculty is a unique mix of foreign qualified, experienced academics and well-known practitioners whose research output is nationally and internationally acknowledged.

    BNU offers four years BBA (Hons.) program of 132 credit hours with the following two key areas of specializations:

    1. Specialization in Banking and Finance

    2. Specialization in Information Technology (IT)


  • Program Objectives

    Our BBA program aims at achieving the following objectives:

    • To provide students with a broad, functional knowledge of basic theories and practices in the field of business, economics, finance and management
    • To help students to develop their communication and interpersonal skills to interact in a corporate business environment
    • To develop their ability to understand the legal framework under which businesses and financial entities are required to operate
    • To develop ability of the students to read, understand and use annual report of corporate entities for informed decision making
    • To create awareness of banking environment, financial products, operations and risk management techniques and practices
    • To develop an understanding of financial management and corporate financing strategy and processes of financial and non-financial corporate entities
    • To develop their managerial and leadership skills
    • To develop their quantitative & analytical skills required to interpret and use economic, financial and business information for decision-making and research
    • To develop their understanding of consumer behavior, marketing principles and techniques
    • To train the students in applying information technology in businesses, banking and finance.
    • To develop their awareness and understanding of the global context in which businesses operate
    • To develop their understanding of the ethical and social issues of concern to the business community
    • To prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of the community
    • To provide students with opportunities to learn both inside and outside of the classrooms to acquire current state of knowledge and practices to enhance their employability

  • Admission Criteria

    Candidates with minimum 50% marks in intermediate or average C grade in A-levels are eligible to apply for this program. Admission offer would be subject to the decision of the admission committee based on candidate’s academic history and performance in the test and interview.

    Transfer Policy Transfer of the students from other related schools / programs would be permissible for only those students who have secured minimum 3.0 CGPA during the first four or less than four semesters only. The students who have completed five or more than five semesters of their existing programs are ineligible to apply for transfer.

  • Courses

    BBA (Hons.) in Banking and Finance / Information Technology (IT)

    • Year I Semester I

      Course Code Course Pre-requisite Credit Hrs.
      M1 Foundation English OR Academic Writing   3
      M7 Microeconomics   3
      M3 Introduction to Mathematics   3
      M4 Business Statistics   3
      F4 Introduction to Banking 3
      F1 Introduction to Accounting   3
          Total 18
    • Year I Semester II

      Course Code Course Pre-requisite Credit Hrs.
      M6 Business Communication M1 3
      F3 Management and Organization Behavior 3
      M8 Islamic Studies   1.5
      M2 Pakistan Studies   1.5
      M9 Macroeconomics 3
      F2 Business Finance F1 3
      C1 Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting F1 3
          Total 18
    • Year II Semester III

      Course Code Course Pre-requisite Credit Hrs.
      C2 Business Mathematics M3 3
      F8 Principles of Marketing   3
      M5 IT in Business 3
      GR1 International Relations and Current Affairs 3
      GR2 Pakistan Economy M7, M9 3
          Total 15
    • Year II Semester IV

      Course Code Course Pre-requisite Credit Hrs.
      F6 Financial Instruments, Markets and Institutions F1 3
      F7 Consumer Behaviour & Branding Strategies 3
      GR3 Creating Web Content 3
      F5 Human Resource Management 3
      GR4 Management Information System M5 3
          Total 15
    • Year III Semester V

      Course Code Course Pre-requisite Credit Hrs.
      C3 Corporate Finance F2 3
      C4 Operations Management   3
      S1 **Investment & Portfolio Analysis /***Database Management Systems 3
      C5 Entrepreneurship & Business Development   3
      C6 Quantitative Techniques in Business M3 3
      C7 Games of Strategy M7 3
          Total 18
    • Year III Semester VI

      Course Code Course Pre-requisite Credit Hrs.
      C8 E-Commerce   3
      C9 Corporate Law and Governance F1 3
      S2 **Microfinance & SME Banking /***EDP F4 3
      GR5 Elective Course   3
      S3 **Banking Products & Operations \ ***Management of IT F4 3
          Total 15
    • Year IV Semester VII

      Course Code Course Pre-requisite Credit Hrs.
      C10 Financial Modeling F2, C3 3
      C11 International Finance M9 3
      S4 **Islamic Banking & Finance /***Computer Networks F4 3
      S5 **Banking Laws and Regulations /***IT Project Management F4 3
      C12 **Business Project /***Project Part I 3
          Total 15
    • Year IV Semester VIII

      Course Code Course Pre-requisite Credit Hrs.
      C13 Business Tax and Commercial Laws F1 3
      GR6 Business and Professional Ethics 3
      C14 ERP Systems (Applications) 3
      C15 Contemporary Business and Finance Issues 3
      C16 Business Strategy & Policy 3
      S6/C17 **Risk Management /***Project Part II F1, C1 3
          Total 18


    Total Credit Hours: 132

    Key: (M) = Mandatory Courses, GR=General Requirement Course, F= Foundation Course, C= Core Course, S=Specialization Course
    *Interdisciplinary courses
    ** For BBA Banking & Finance
    *** For BBA IT

  • Degree Requirement

    Students are required to complete 132 credit hours with specialization in either Banking and Finance or Information Technology (IT) in order to earn degree in BBA (Hons.)

  • Faculty

    The faculty of our BBA (Hons.) program included highly qualified and celebrated professionals from the fields of business, finance and information technology.

    Permanent Faculty

    • Mr. Shahid Hafiz Kardar, VC, BNU

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      Mr. Shahid Hafiz Kardar is an ACA from England and a graduate of the University Of Oxford (PPE). He has served as the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan and Minister for Finance, Planning & Development, Excise and Taxation and Industries & Minerals Development, Government of Punjab (1999-2001). He had also held several other key positions including a member of the National Commission for Government Reform, Banking Laws Review Commission, Task Force on Education established by the Government of Pakistan and the British Government, Honorary Treasurer of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). He has also served as a Chairman of the Punjab Education Foundation that launched internationally acknowledged programs. Mr. Kardar has also provided consultancy services to multilateral and bilateral donors like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. He is the son of former test cricket captain Abdul Hafiz Kardar. He has authored three books and contributes to journals and newspapers regularly.

    • Dr. Khaver Zia, Dean, SCIT

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      • Have teaching Experience of 25 years in higher education
      • Possess 6 year experience in applied research
      • Author of several research paper on national and international level
      • Areas of special interest is Computer Control


    • Ms. Shazia Rizwan, Assistant Professor

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      • 17 years of teaching experience in higher education
      • External examiner for MS(TQM) thesis work at IQTM, Punjab University
      • Mozilla volunteer for Urdu localization
      • Areas of special interests are Educational Quality Management and Databases Design


    • Mr. Ijaz Hussain, Assistant Professor

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      Ijaz Hussain is an Associate Member of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan and also a graduate from Government College University, Lahore. He joined School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Beaconhouse National University in 2007. He has 20 years of teaching, research and administrative experience in reputed academic and research institutions of both private and public sectors. His areas of interest include Economics, Accounting and Finance.

    • Mr. Tariq Maqbool, Assistant Professor

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      Mr. Tariq Maqbool held various senior management, group, and country head level positions at international and local financial intuitions such as ABN AMRO North America, Bank of America, UBS Wealth Management North America, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, USA, HabibMetro Bank, Askari Bank, and Bank of Punjab.

      He recently resigned from Bank of Punjab to pursue his passion for teaching and learning and joined BNU as Assistant Professor in January 2016. Mr. Tariq started his banking career with ABN AMRO USA in 1997 and worked at middle and senior management levels and left the organization in 2005 to serve as Senior Consultant at Morgan Stanley, USA, and then joined the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, USA. Before moving to Pakistan in 2008, he served as Director Risk & Quality Assurance at UBS Wealth Management North America.

      In Pakistan he joined Askari Bank Ltd as Executive Vice President and Country Head Risk Management in 2008, and then moved to Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) to establish advisory arm, the PACRA Analytics Pvt Ltd to provide advisory services to Banking and Corporate clients on Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance, and Policy issues. Joined HabibMetro Bank in 2010 and served as EVP and Country Head Risk and Country Head Compliance. Joined BoP in 2011 and served as EVP and CRO, GH Compliance & Internal Controls, and GH SAM.

      Mr. Tariq Received a Master degree in Economics from BZU Pakistan, an MSc in Applied Economics and an MSc in Management Information System from USA. He attended Executive Education Programs at Columbia Business School, New York, Kellogg Business School, Chicago, University of Chicago Business School, Chicago, ICMA Centre, The Business School for Financial Markets, University of Reading, UK, Loyola University School of Business, Chicago, and also received various project management certificates from American Management Association.

    • Mr. Daud Ahmed Dard, Assistant Professor

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      • Graduate of London School of Economics with a B.Sc. (Honors) Economics
      • Graduate of New York University (NYU) with a Master's degree in Economics (with Finance)
      • Experience in both Academia as well as in Corporate & Financial Sector
      • Teaching experience of 2 years in New York University, 5 years in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and also conducted training sessions for DMG group trainee Assistant Commissioners.
      • Participated in strategic planning for degree programs at NYU Stern School of Business, the top-ranked Business School in North America
      • Worked in corporate strategic planning with a multibusiness multinational as well as in Investment Management, Investment and Economics Research with leading Financial Institutions.
      • Published and supervised numerous research reports within the Financial Sector
      • Academic research interests include Corporate Finance & Asset Pricing, Global Financial Crises and Policy Responses, Asset Prices and Monetary Policy, Economics of Organization, Economics of Business Strategy, Corporate Governance Systems and Innovation.
    • Mr. Farrukh Jehangir Karamat, Assistant Professor

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      Mr. Farrukh Jehangir Karamat is a graduate of Cass Business School, City University, London, and Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan. He has conducted post-graduate research at University of Warwick, UK, in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Reputation., He has a solid background in banking across Canada, UK, and Pakistan with core experience in compliance, risk management and equity research. He is a senior consultant undertaking research projects in Economics, Finance, and Development.

    • Ms. Huda Sarfraz, Assistant Professor
    • Mr. Zubair Anwar, Assistant Professor
    • Mr. Nouman Ali Shah, Assistant Professor
    • Ms. Sana Iqbal, Lecturer

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      Sana has done her MS in Management Sciences with major in finance from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. She completed her BS in Business Administration (Finance) with distinction from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in 2012. Her research interests include microfinance, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

    • Ms. Novaira Junaid, Lecturer

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      MS in Public Policy, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore

    • Ms. Fatima Malik, Lecturer

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      M. Phil, Development and Public Policy, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore
      M.A (Economics), Government College University, Lahore

    • Mr. Daniyal Khan, Lecturer

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      Daniyal Khan has done MS in Economics from The New School for Social Research, New York. His studies were focused on capitalism, history of economic thought, and macroeconomics.

    • Ms. Tehmina Kausar, Lecturer

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      MS (CS) University of Lahore
      Study Area: Databases and Datamining

    • Mr. Saad Saleem, Lecturer

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      Saad Saleem has done MS in Business Information Technology and B.Sc. (hons) Finance & Business Computing from Beaconhouse National University. He has served as a marketing and Social Media strategist for various campaigns, including RTI Samjho by BNU (with support of the World Bank), PMLN social media campaign for general elections 2013, and Lahore International book Fair (LIBF). His area of Interest is Research based teaching

    • Ms. Hafsa Tanveer, Lecturer

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      Hafsa has done her MPhil in Economics from Lahore School of Economics (LSE). She holds an undergraduate degree of double majors in Economics and Finance from Lahore School of Economics. Her interest are in theoretical modelling, development economics and environmental economics.

    Adjunct Faculty

    • Mr. Javed Masood

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      Mr. Javed Masood is a graduate from Boston University. He is Ex Chairman, The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA). He is senior consultant, researcher and trainer with comprehensive experience of managerial and leadership role in financial and non-financial corporate sector. He has been affiliated with World Bank, IFC & the U.N., the federal ministries of government of Pakistan (including Planning, Finance & Production), Pakistan’s Consul General in South Korea, Banker’s Equity, NIPA & the Administrative Staff College.

    • Mr. Assim Jang

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      Mr. Assim Jang is an expert in computational finance. He is member of the Institute of Management Accountants, New Jersey, USA. He is currently independent professional foreign exchange and futures trader with comprehensive experience in capital markets, banking and finance with rich experience in commercial and investment banking, commodity futures exchange, stock brokering and new ventures and technology startup environments.


    • Ms. Zoha Siddiquejavascript:void(0);

      Academic Coordinator - View Profile

      Gold Medal – Specialization in Accounting & Finance
      Silver Medal – Bachelors of Science Business (Honors)
      MBA for Professionals (Ongoing) - Lahore School of Economics