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3.5.1 Doctoral

  • Naureen Talha, ‘Economic Factors in the Making of Pakistan’, Ph. D Thesis, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. 1985.
  • Sabiha Mansoor, ‘The Role of English in Higher Education in Pakistan’, Ph. D University of Reading, U.K, 2002 [As co-supervisor in Pakistan].
  • Khwaja Rehman,’Language-shift in the Neelam Valley; a Case Study of the Kundal Shahi Language’, QAU, 2012.


Lubna Ali, ‘Foreign Policy of A Post-Revolutionary State: A Case Study of Iran, 1979-2002’, QAU, 2003 [Not to be counted as I was not an expert on the subject but my name could not be removed for administrative reasons].


3.5.2 M.Phil

  • Ijlal Hussain Shah, ‘The Pragmatics of Formality and Politeness in Burushaski and Shia’, M. Phil, QAU, 1994.
  • Sajid Awan, ‘Divergent Attitudes and Fertility Trends in Pakistan’, M. Phil, QAU, 1997.
  • Azmat Ullah Raja, ‘Hamood-Ur-Rehman Commission Report: An Analysis’, M. Phil, QAU, 2003.
  • Asma Iqbal, ‘Emergence of Contemporary Islamic Schools in Pakistan: a Case Study of Lahore’, M.Phil Dissertation 2011-12, BNU, Lahore.
  • Hafsa Naveed, ‘Intellectual Biography of a School Teacher: Mr Bashiruddin’, M.Phil Dissertation, 2011-12, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore.


3.5.3 M.Sc

  • Mariam Durrani, ‘Impact of Modernization on Hindko’, M.Sc Anthropology, QAU, 1995.
  • Najia Hyder, ‘Language as a Means of Influencing Power’, M.Sc Anthropology, QAU, 1995.
  • Yaqub ul Hasan, ‘Azad Kashmir Mein Kashmiri Zaban ke Masail aur us ka Mustaqlil’ [Urud: The Problems and Prospects of Kashmiri in Azad Kashmir] M.Sc, Allama Iqbal Open University, 1991.
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