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Citation Of Dr. Tariq Rahman’s Work

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Ms. Qaisera Sheikh

Head, Teacher Education Department


Sheikh,Q,A.(In press) “ Pakistani English- A New Linguistic Identity” in Pakistan Journal of History and Culture, Islamabad.( On the HEC list of approved journals).

Ms. Qaisera Sheikh has enrolled as Ph.D. Research Fellow at University of Education.


Ms. Shabana Ahmed

Assistant Professor, SE


Ms. Shabana Ahmed was awarded scholarship for International Master in ELT from York Saint John University, UK.


  • Form Focused Instruction. Centre of English Language, Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational, Development 6th International Seminar ELT in a Changing World: Innovative Approaches to New Challenges
  • Presentation on Designing and Adapting Materials for Communicative Language Teaching on the 7th British Universities Postgraduate Research Conference Principles and Practice for Language Learning and Materials Development 2009
  • Presentation on Relative effects of explicit and implicit oral corrective feedback on EFL learners’ performance in incidental focus on form 4th Research Methodologies Conference York St John University


Ms. Syeda Amina Zahra Gardezi

Assistant Professor, SE


Gardezi, S. A. & H. Nesi (2009), “Variation in the writing of economics students in Britain and Pakistan: the case of conjunctive ties”, In: M. Charles, S. Hunston, D. Pecorari (Eds) At the Interface of Corpus and Discourse: Analysing Academic Discourses. London: Continuum.


Research Activities (2007-2009)

The BNU SE faculty members were engaged in a number of research activities. The most significant contribution made was the completion of Punjab Government funded project ‘Successful Women Educators of Punjab in December, 2008. In addition, the faculty has been able to get a number of research papers published and made presentations at international and national seminars and conferences.

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