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  • Winner of Shack-a-thon Design Competition

    'The Ark' and 'The Firefly' are two of the most prominent project by Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA). These projects were declared winners at the Shack-a-thon Design Competition held under the auspices of North Carolina State University (NCSU), USA and US Green Building Council (USGBC) in 2013. School of Architecture was the first-ever participant to the competition from Pakistan and earned rave reviews for all over. The Jurors of Shack-a-thon included Dr. Robin Abrams AIA, BurakErdim, Ph.D, AIA, David Hill, AIA, and Jill Fallon, NCSU-¬USGBC students’ secretary and former Shack¬a¬thon participant. The respected Jury of NCSU-USGBC praised the projects for their innovation and usability. The Firefly got titled as the 'best-overall design'. The jurors appreciated the innovative use of the salvaged materials. They also went on to say that construction details were 'outstanding'. They particularly found the image of the firefly at night to be especially beautiful. The Ark, they stated: ‘shows the most interesting structure and texture’. They pointed out that the combination of light, shadow, mass and void were especially beautiful. They also appreciated the quality of drawings and models.

    These projects were introduced and launched by Dr. Fariha Tariq with 12 students on board (6 on each project) and completed under one month’s time under the passionate leadership and supervision of Farooq Usman Shahid. Both designs have their origination in recyclable and affordable materials like bamboos, corrugated cardboard, ropes and parachute cloth.

The Ark is designed to minimize social and economic class differences by using the quality of design and its value to create an acceptable, comfortable and an adaptable in-habitation. Material used is the most easily recyclable and the most easily affordable (corrugated cardboard paper). The project is aimed towards a better and simpler living.

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