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Developmental Psychology

Perception of Aging and its Impact on Well Being in Older Adults

Sadaf Amjad

B.Sc. Applied Psychology (2007-2011)

Supervisors: Dr. Ruhi Khalid & Dr. Farhat Nadeem

This study is an attempt to explore the impact of perception of aging on well being in older adults. It was hypothesized that the way in which each individual perceives his or her own aging may be a key indicator of well-being in old age. A sample of 60 older adults (i.e. 30 men and 30 women) was identified for the study. The age of participants ranged from 60-70 years, it included working as well as retired persons. Participants having no major physical illness were included in the sample. For data collection, Aging Perceptions Questionnaire and The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale were used along with demographic information sheet. The results showed that there was a significant inverse relationship between negative perception of aging and well being in older adults. It was also found out that positive perception of aging was a strong predictor of well being in old age. The research holds useful implications for understanding well being in elderly.

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