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M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology

Program Overview

Duration: 2 years, 4 semesters

Credits: 77

Career Paths: Psychological research units and organizations, hospitals, private clinics, educational institutions, armed forces (educational and medical core) , counseling and guidance centers, selection boards, research organizations, civil services, business enterprises, advertising and marketing agencies, industries, social welfare agencies, reformatories, NGOs and institutions for individuals with special needs.

  • Program Description

    M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology is an intensive two-year full time course that concentrates on understanding individual differences and psychological disorders experienced by children, youth, and families. This includes a focus on social, emotional, cognitive, and neurobiological features of normal and atypical development; approaches to assessment, diagnosis and intervention; and risk and protective factors that influence the nature and progression of atypical development and response to treatment. Students receive training that allows them to enter careers involving clinical and/or research positions in a variety of settings as well as careers in university teaching and research.

  • Program Highlights

    • All faculty members are practitioners in the field.
    • Emphasis on practical learning in real-world settings.
    • Excellent theoretical classroom training coupled with unrivaled out-of-classroom learning opportunities in a dynamic environment.
    • Program prepares students to take effective roles in the community as mental health professionals.
  • Program Objectives

    • Students will learn the theoretical frameworks and scientific basis of Clinical Psychology.
    • Students will develop the clinical skills that are required when working with the individuals suffering from emotional and psychological problems.
    • Students will learn research methodologies and be able to critically evaluate research as it relates to Clinical Psychology.
    • Students will learn the ethical and professional guidelines of the profession.
    • Students will be able to understand and appreciate the impact of diversity and cultural issues in the field of Clinical Psychology.
  • Admission Requirement

    To be eligible for admission to the M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology, a candidate must have good academic record with minimum 2nd division in B.A / B.Sc. in Psychology or Applied Psychology from a well established and respectable university. In addition to this, a written English test followed by an interview will be taken in order to qualify for admission.

  • Courses

    • Year I Semester I

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs
      PSY 501 Perspectives in Psychology 3
      PSY 505 Research Methods 3
      PSY 510 Statistics in Psychology 4 (3-1)**
      PSY 520 Child Psychopathology 3
      PSY 555 Experiments / Practical Work 2
      PSY 575 Psychosocial Influences on Behavior 3
        Total 18
    • Year I Semester II

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs
      PSY 515 Perception, Cognition, Learning and Memory 3
      PSY 525 Personal and Interpersonal Perspectives 3
      PSY 530 Biological Basis of Behavior 3
      PSY 535 Adult Psychopathology 3
      PSY 540 Psychological Testing and Assessment 4 (3-1)**
      PSY 550 Applied Statistics in Psychology 4 (3-1)**
        Total 20
    • Year II Semester III

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs
      PSY-CL 605 Interventions for children and adults 4 (3-1)**
      PSY-CL 620 Developmental Psychology 3
      PSY-CL 610-A Research Project I 4
      PSY-CL 635 Current Debates in Clinical Psychology 4 (3-1)**
      PSY-CL 640 Clinical Case Studies 3
      PSY-CL 560, 565, 570, 660-695 One Optional Course 3
        Total 21
    • Year II Semester IV

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs
      PSY-CL 545 Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience 4 (3-1)**
      PSY-CL 615 Trauma and Crisis intervention 4
      PSY-CL 630 Ethics in Clinical Psychology 3
      PSY-CL 645-B Research Project II 4
      PSY-CL 560, 565, 570, 660-695 One Optional Course 3
        Total 18
        Total Credit Hours 77


    * Admission subject to the number of students.
    **According to HEC, 3 Credits mean three credit hours of theory, while 4(3-1) means a total of four credit hours, of which three are of theory while one credit hour is for laboratory or practical work.

    • Optional Courses

      Subjects offered as electives to students by the Institute of Psychology are the following.

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs
      PSY-CL 560 Environmental Psychology 3
      PSY-CL 565 Organizational Behavior 3
      PSY-CL 570 Counseling Psychology 3
      PSY-CL 580 Peace Psychology 3
      PSY-CL 655 Career Development & Counseling 3
      PSY-CL 660 Stress and Well-Being 3
      PSY-CL 665 Emotional Intelligence 3
      PSY-CL 670 Forensic Psychology 3
      PSY-CL 675 Conflict Resolution 3
      PSY-CL 680 Parapsychology 3
      PSY-CL 685 Health Psychology 3
      PSY-CL 695 Psychology of Gender 3


      * Optional courses will be offered according to the availability of the teacher.

  • Degree Requirement

    Completion of credit hours and research project