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Programs of Study (Ongoing Programs)

Since its inception, BNU has successfully emerged as an institution of repute. The high standards achieved by BNU have made it the first choice of many aspiring students. In addition to undergraduate programs, the university has expanded its offerings to graduate and post-graduate courses. Here, you can browse through ongoing degree programs at our seven schools.

Mariam Dawood School of Visual Art & Design (SVAD)

Programs Semesters Credits
MA in Art and Design Studies 4 64
MA Art Education (Summer Program) 3 36
BFA Visual Arts 8 130
BFA Visual Communication Design 8 130
B. Des. Textile and Fibre Studies 8 130
B. Des. Fashion and Fibre Studies 8 130
B. Des. Jewellery and Accessory Design 8 130

Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA)

Programs Semesters Credits
M. Arch. (Master of Architecture) 2 32
B. Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture) 10 178

Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (SLASS)

Programs Semesters Credits
BBA (Hons) with specialization in Banking and Finance/Information technology (IT) 8 132
BSc (Hons) in Social Sciences with major in: Economics 8 132
BA (Hons) in Social Sciences with major in Liberal Studies 8 124

School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC)

Programs Semesters Credits
M. Phil Mass Communication 4 36
MS Film and TV 4 30-36
MS Public Relations & Advertising 3 36
MA Mass Communication 4 72
BA (Hons) in Social Sciences with major in: Media Studies 8 127
BA (Hons) in Social Sciences with major in Theatre, Film Television 8 132

Note: PhD program at SMC has been temporarily discontinued from Fall 2015 Get Details


School of Computer and Information Technology (SCIT)

Programs Semesters Credits
BSc (Hons) Software Engineering (SE) 8 133
MS Business Information Technology 4 31

School of Education (SE)

Programs Semesters Credits
M. Phil Educational Leadership and Management 4 36
M. Phil Teaching English as a Second Language 4 36
M. Phil Linguistics 4 36
M. Phil Education Temporarily Shelved 4 36

Institute of Psychology (IP)

Programs Semesters Credits
Ph. D Applied Psychology 3-7 years 20
M. Phil Applied Psychology 4 32
MS Clinical & Counseling Psychology 4 49
M.Sc. with specializations:    
➢ M.Sc. Counseling Psychology 4 77
➢ M.Sc. Clinical Psychology 4 77
➢ M.Sc. Organization & Business Psychology 4 76
➢ M.Sc. School & Educational Psychology 4 77
B.Sc. (Hons) Applied Psychology 8 130