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Academic Services

This section provides answers to basic queries that our students might have regarding academic services at BNU. If your question is not listed here then feel free to email us at info@bnu.edu.pk

  1. Registration

    (Add/drop courses, choose electives, transfer credits)

  2. Exams & Assessment

    (Grade review, exam guidelines)

  3. Fee & Scholarship

    (Financial assistance, Fee refund)

  4. Student Records

    (Request for transcripts/degree, change personal details)

1. Registration

  • Can I add or drop a course after the commencement of classes?

    A period of two weeks is allowed after the commencements of classes for add/drop of a course. Courses dropped within two weeks after the classes have started are deleted from the record.

  • What if I decide to drop a course after two weeks?

    If you drop a course after two weeks of commencement of classes, you will receive Grade “W” (Withdrawn) on your transcript for that course.

  • I need information regarding timetable and class schedule. Where should I get it?

    You should contact your coordinator for the desired information.

  • I need to freeze my semester, how can I do that?

    You need submit an application for semester freeze to your Dean or HOD. After their approval, the application should be forwarded to Registrar Office ideally two weeks before the commencement of semester. In case the semester has started, you can still submit the application but not later than two weeks. However, the acceptance of your application in this case, is not guaranteed. The same applies for unfreezing a semester.

2. Exams & Assessment

  • If I am not satisfied with the evaluation of a certain course and want the university to review my grade, who should I contact?

    You need to submit a written request to your Dean/HOD for the review of course grade within three weeks of the issuance of grade report along with a fee of Rs. 500/course. The Dean/HOD will call for the neutral evaluation of the grade.

    Note: In case a student is not satisfied with the review of the grade as done by Dean/HOD, he/she can appeal to the Vice-Chancellor within a week after the decision. No appeal can be made against the decision of the Vice-Chancellor.

3. Fee & Scholarship

  • I need financial help. Does BNU offer need-base scholarships? If yes then how can I apply for that?

    You need to collect a scholarship form (need based) from Registrar Office and submit it with required documents. After verifying your documents, Registrar office will forward your application to scholarship committee which will make the final decision.

  • Can I pay my fee in installments? What is the procedure for that?

    Generally, we don’t encourage our students to pay their dues in installments. However, in case of genuine reasons, a student may send an application to the Dean/HOD requesting for payment of Fee in installments. Based on Dean’s recommendation and approval of Registrar Office, the finance office will break the Fee into installments. Remember that the university reserves the rights to discontinue this facility or redefine a total number of installments to be made.

  • Will I receive a fee refund if I leave the university?

    If you leave the university within first week of commencement of your classes, you will receive 100% refund of tuition fee. For dropouts who leave the university in the 2nd or 3rd week after the commencement of your classes, 50% of tuition fee refund is allowed (conditions apply). However, tuition fee will not be refunded from 4th week onwards. Note that the admission and security fee is not refundable in any case.

4. Student Records

  • I need a transcript. Who should I contact for that?

    You need to contact the Examination Department in case of any issue related to transcript.

  • My name is misspelled on my degree. Who should I contact?

    You should contact Registrar Office in case of any issue concerning errors in your degree.

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